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Our service is 100% Guaranteed. This means that: If you are not satisfied, we don’t expect you to pay. We trust that, should you have any complain, it should be legitimate, ethical, reasonable and addressed with respect, giving us the chance to perform our service to the fullest. We look forward to seeing you again and we thank you in advance for giving us the opportunity to serve you. Mimmo P.S.: The above guaranty does not include Laser Hair Removal Services by Laser Estetica 3360 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M4N2M7, Canada

Service Definitions

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Service Definition Full Head Foils Full head without missing any spots. Equally distributed throughout the head Half Head Foils Ear to ear and below the crown area Full Color Application Not just combing to blend, but adding more color by mixing a second formula and applying it all over the remaining hair, covering it totally Half Head Touch-Up Application of a color formula ear to ear and below the crown area Hair Trim Clients definition to ensure that the stylist doesn’t cut too much. Like an insurance. In reality a “trim” should be no different then a hair cut. The work and the effort have to be the same. the only difference is the quantity that the stylist removes from the over all length. Hair Treatment A hair deep treatment is a composition of: Protein for strength, Humectants for hydration and Essential Fatty Acids for suppleness. Anything else is pure coating effect. No benefits at all. A good deep treatment penetrates the inner part of the hair as far the cortex and working from inside out. This are the most common services given to clients. I hope that they will be of help in the future, so you know exactly what to ask for and expect.